“6 Senses Blog”


It all began with SoFarSoNear, the company we did found to pursue an idea, and our wish to start collecting experiences. 6 senses is our new adventure, because we are passionate explorers of this world!
6 senses is not a blog about travel and lifestyle. 6 senses is about sharing personal experiences, that appeal to our senses. Since our first wanderings, no matter if it was a dinner out, a one-day journey or a trip to the other side of the world, the search for new experiences was the fuel . Not necessarily something WOW, but something that would appeal to our senses, that would make us feel good there and at home. It can be a place or a food or a song. But always something that makes us feel good.

With 6 senses we would like to share these experiences with you. Because it makes us feel good.
As it is all about sharing, we did implement The Club, a free social network , where members are invited to create their own profiles, write about their experiences, keep in touch with the other Club members and meet occasionally in one of the 6 senses places. Join The Club to become a member and start networking!
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