Aulana. Pure Gold. Pure Wool. Pure Luxury

0 1 10 February 2015

The Midas Rug is the world’s 1st carpet created with the Aulana ® technology.

Steeped in history Aulana ® uses an ancient science to create colour. Early alchemists added noble metals to glass in order to create the colour in the stained glass windows of gothic cathedrals. Aulana takes this same science and uses gold to shift light into soft purples and greys. No dyes are used, Aulana is simply pure New Zealand Wool coloured with pure gold.

The Midas rug designed for Wools of New Zealand by SoFarSoNear is in the shape of an earring from the British royal jewels to portray the luxury and opulance of Aulana.

The Midas rug will be available to view, by appointment only, at Belgravia interior boutique, London.



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