Nevalhaia Le Chalet

0 1 19 March 2015


Situated in Vars, a ski resort at the border with the Hautes Alpes and High Provence in the Southern Alps, this small resort conveys a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Opened since February 2015, it features five suites with breathtaking views on the mountains, a living room with large dinner table for guests, sitting room with fireplace and a relaxation area with spa and sauna.

The state-of-the art interiors combine raw concrete, larch wood, warm materials, furnishings and designer accessories which create a welcoming and very comfortable living space.

SoFarSoNear and the Property did closely work together to choose all textiles that decorate the rooms and the common areas. Cathay in copper was chosen for the bathrooms blinds, the Wools from The Natural Collection dress all windows and beds. SoFarSoNear did also tailor all drapes and accessories.

The ultimate result is under your eyes.







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