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25 Nov

LLAB,A New Brand

The history of the company Luigi Lovato dates back to 1970. Since the beginning, the company was recognized as a reliable partner for the development of products having a high content of craftsmanship and quality. In 2017, the management's new vision was translated into design by SoFarSoNear. An art direction project that started with the repositioning of the brand, resulted in the development of a new consistent brand, LLAB and translated into a new line of furniture. Our passionate search to interpret the needs of contemporary living in a way that is original and unique, was the driving force behind the project.

Our aim is to leave a sign in design , where still people, ideas and material matter.

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25 Nov

Milan,Penthouse steps from Duomo

Located in the historical center of Milan, in a modern building from the 70s, this apartment enjoys a view over the roofs thanks to the small terraces that surround the penthouse. The goal of the project was to keep the original plan and revisit the layout of the rooms and the overall decoration. A real challenge considering that the apartment was in a tremendous state, due to years of neglect. The premise had to accomodate a couple with a child and their furnishing, including a fully equipped kitchen, coming from the previous apartment. The moodboard developed specifically for the project features classic elements combined with modern ones. The colour palette mixes neutral tones, like taupe for the walls of the...
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25 Nov

London,Belgravia Interior Boutique

Located within sight of Buckingham Palace, Mayfair and Knightsbridge, Belgravia interior boutique is the ideal place to find stylish contemporary collections for both interior and outdoor spaces. Stepping through the doors, the first thing clearly visible is the distinctive style of the Boutique. Elegant fabrics mix with artworks and furnishing. The thought-provoking and relaxing interiors of this onetime bank make this a special venue, where clients may find inspiration for the design of homes, hotels and commercial premises. For the project we did partner with stylish French brand Hamilton Conte, whose furniture and home accessories draw inspiration from their diverse cultural backgrounds and complementary talents. The atmosphere we've created is a fusion of 50s and 70s design, in...
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22 Nov

Etoile,a fascinating mesh

Etoile is a unique textile made out of 95% copper wire. It is a transparent copper textile with a high consistency and metal effect, especially designed to be used in acrylic panels by Acrylic Couture. This fabric is very sheer has been developed in specific colours including blue, purple and orange. The fabric has been designed in a way to coat the yarn in different colours and ensure it does not react or change when it comes into contact with chemicals used in acrylic. The fabric is floated into heated acrylic to develop acrylic panels. The process is done by melting and softening the acrylic and floating the etoile fabric in the acrylic which is then cooled...
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21 Nov

Our Vision

Being an interior designer means creating a bespoke ambience, taking care of every detail that reflects our client's personality and not our Ego. Each project is tailored like a dress. The ability lies in moving between different styles, dealing with cultures near and far that reflect the world of the client. The good interior design is concerned with the general aspects and the individual design details, including all the decorative and stylistic elements that contribute to creating a customized environment. Too often we see professionals who propose themselves as designers, trespassing in a world that is not their for culture, knowledge and vision. As a result, they develop interior projects that are often self-referential, lacking in personality and above...
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20 Nov

Award winning,Couture Collection

When we first saw the Kundan Silk carpets of Zollanvari, we’ve immediately associated the astonishing weaving and dying to fashion. That’s how the design concept came about. The beauty of some very iconic fabrics were the ideal inspiration for the ‘Couture Collection’ of Kundan Silk Carpets. The collection features different patterns: _Bouclé, inspired by the iconic jackets of fashion myth Coco Chanel _Tweed, sourced from the traditional British cloths but adding new shades of colour _Tartan, an evergreen pattern from Scotland here proposed with a fancy palette of colours The Couture Collection was designed for internationally reknown brand Zollanvari in 2014. It was awarded in 2014 as Best Modern Design Deluxe at Domotex Hannover and as winner at the Innovation Interior Awards...
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24 Oct

Our Story

We are interiors and product designers. This means creating a bespoke ambiance, taking care of the smallest detail that reflects the personality of our client and not our Ego. Each project is tailored like a dress. Incredibly simple, extremely stylish. This is our way to design and lifestyle. Our surrounding excites our senses continuously. There’s where our inspiration comes. Driven by a constant search for new and exciting materials, ‘SoFarSoNear combines a social conscience with luxury and as such is indicative of a bold new trend in sustainable products, moving out of the niche and into the mainstream’, Mix Magazine. Our style is a mix of tradition and innovation. The tradition comes from the tribute paid to workmanship and the...
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11 Apr

MUSE,iconic furniture

MUSE collection is the first furniture collection designed by Luca Ferreccio for the new Italian brand LLAB. It comes from a careful research of some iconic XX century signs in architecture and art, re-interpreted in an original and unique way. The outcome is a one-of-kind collection of modern furniture, all made of wood, featuring soft shapes framed by specially designed finishes. The clean but strong shape of each piece results from a high level of craftmanship and a serious care for each manufacturing detail. Form and function are perfectly balanced to highlight a new concept of contemporary living. Our passionate search to interpret the needs of contemporary living in a way that is original and unique, is the driving force...
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15 Mar

Moevenpick,5* Hotel du Lac, Tunis

Luxury 5-star hotel experience on the banks of Lake Tunis. Located in the beautiful Berges du Lac business and diplomatic district, five-star Mövenpick Hotel du Lac features contemporary and spacious rooms and suites stylish decorated with SoFarSoNear's unique Trevira CS fabrics. All drapes and upholsteries were specially designed by Carla and Roberto Saporiti of Italian SHD Studio. Inspired by the calligraphies of the people who ruled Tunis in the past and present, The Imperial Collection of textiles was weaved in Italy by SoFarSoNear using only 100% Trevira CS yarns. For the suites, the designers chose for the upholsteries The Aisha Collection in cinnamon and for the drapes the elegant Rugiada in bronze, designed by SoFarSoNear. [eltd_blockquote text="Be inspired for your...
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9 Jan

Trevira CS Silver Membership since 2013

Textiles are a key factor when it comes to furnishing a room. With fabrics designers can easily play with colour, material and texture to create a new interior design or to upgrade existing furnishings. SoFarSoNear has developed a wide collection of Trevira CS fabrics, available in a broad variety of designs and qualities and all of them are inherently flame retardant. It means that they are suitable to be used in hotels and public spaces. When planning an interior design, mood boards are the ideal tool to give a first impression about the future room or space. It is since 2013 that SoFarSoNear is confirmed Silver Member by Trevira, the leader in the production of flame retardant yarns. An important achievement for...
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