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30 May

Italy, Asolo Prosecco & Grappa

Srosecco  is my favourite wine. Sparkling, chilly, with its unique aroma, it matches all kind of food and all seasons. It is good for an aperitif or to accompany a whole meal. Veneto is the territory, where Prosecco is grown, more specifically in a small area called Valdobbiadene. Asolo is not far from this area and produces the variety Prosecco di Asolo. A bit less sparkling, but always memorable. You may taste it everywhere; in the ‘enoteca’ or the ‘restaurants’, accompanied by home-made cicchetti (nibbles). And after lunch, we did indulge in these home-made grappa. Flavours ranges from ginger to liquorice, from blueberries to star aniseed. Simply delicious. [eltd_blockquote text="Grappa is a typical liquor from Veneto. It is made...
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26 May

Bali, Ubud Rijstafel

Ubud is known as the district of art and spirit. In Ubud there are plenty of stylish places to relax and taste the local food. These two did appeal my senses. Café Wayan. It is on the main street. Do not stop at the entrance but walk in and you will discover a lovely garden with little ponds where you can taste the Indonesian flavours sitting on bamboo matts. I suggest to choose the Rijstafel. It consists of many side dishes served in small portions, accompanied by rice prepared in several different ways. The Rijsttafel’s origins is Dutch and dates back when The Netherlands were present in Indonesia. In this way, the Dutch could enjoy a wide array of...
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25 May

Venice Biennale, SFSN@Venice Design 2016

SoFarSoNear is invited to exhibit at the prestigious 'Venice Architecture Biennale 2016'. 'Venice Design 2016' is curated by the Global Art Affairs Foundations and will take place at Palazzo Michiel, on Canal Grande, from May 28th until November 27th. It is one of the first exhibitions to show current design developments during the Biennale. It brings together international set of designers of diverse cultural background, young, senior, established and emerging. The exhibition aims to demonstrate that design might have a bigger canvas than just creating beautiful functional objects. It is a chance for the spectators to see clever, unexpected solutions for the use of space and also to create a more conscious relation towards the daily surrounding and help to enlarge...
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7 May

Spain, Lanzarote The Force of Nature

Lanzarote is part of the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. What makes Lanzarote so unique is its volcanic origin, that is part of its charme still today. Infact, the island was born about 15 million years ago through fiery eruptions and has solidified lava streams as well as extravagant rock formations. Lanzarote emerged after the break-up of the African and the American continental plates. The Timanfaya National Park eyewitnesses the greatest recorded eruptions between 1730 and 1736. We did visit the park and it was such a strong experience. Just imagine more than 100 volcanoes, covering an area of 50 km², that rise up and erupt for almost 100 years, the last eruptions being in 1824. You still smell the scent of cinder...
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3 Mar

Bali, Bridges Stylish and rich in flavours

Since more than three years we spend every summer in Bali. Bali is called the island of gods. It’s a peaceful island with lots to do and to taste. My mum lives in Ubud, known as the district of art and spirit. The only place we’ve visited where you feel the island. Personally, during my first visit I would have expected just beautiful landscapes and quiet villages. I found instead lots of cars and bikes, that roar through the villages. But what did struck my senses are the stylish restaurants, cafés and shops that could easily compete with those we are used to visit in the fashion districts of European and American cities. Bridges is a triumph of senses....
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9 Jan

Rinascimento,Winner Creativity Competition

In November 2015 Trevira invited suppliers of Trevira CS fabrics to participate in a creativity competition with their latest developments. Fabrics entered were almost 150 and from these a specialist panel selected 3 fabrics in each of the 5 categories, which received pride of place on the Trevira stand at Heimtextil 2016. In the Rinascimento article the panel sees a successful merging of classic elements with the used look. The fabric impresses as opulent and elegant – like a very traditional material. The baroque pattern, however, is in a state of dissolution; it seems somehow collage-like. The shiny, silky surface contrasts with the ornamental motifs that due to the weave structure seem “worn”. Here too a traditional pattern has been...
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27 Apr

Spartito,The Plan Award

Spartito, our copper textile designed by Rebosio+Spagnulo and inspired by the music of Daniele Lombardi is again on the news! An International Jury of Archistars, has shortlisted it in the Design Category of The Plan Awards 2015. THE PLAN AWARD, is an award created and promoted by THE PLAN to disseminate knowledge of and improve the quality of the work done by designers, academics, critics and students in the architecture, design and city planning fields, thereby promoting debate on topical design and planning themes. Completed and future projects and research are eligible for the AWARDS.

We are incessantly dedicated to researching excellence at every level and our Spartito witnesses this commitment.

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9 Jan

Etruschi Collection,German Design Award

The Etruschi Collection of Copper Fabrics designed by Luca Dini was awarded with a Special Mention as Best Home and Decoration Product by The German Design Council in 2015. Especially suited for the high-end contract, Etruschi comes from a constant search of unique and unusual materials. Etruschi is a veritable copper fabric, that combines the mass and shine of metal leaf with the softness of a textile. The uniqueness of the collection is the result of the know-how developed in the field of precious yarns with the design research of SoFar/SoNear and Luca Dini. Copper thread are weaved with wool and linen into precious fabrics for prestigious interiors. [eltd_blockquote text="The uniqueness of the collection is the result of the...
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9 Jan

Couture Collection,International Awards

The Couture Collection of Kundan Silk Carpets designed for Zollanvari, was awarded as Best Modern Design Deluxe at the prestigious Internationl Carpet Design Award 2014 and was awarded with a Special Mention as Best Home and Decoration Product by The German Design Council in 2015. When we first saw the Kundan Silk carpets of Zollanvari, we’ve immediately associated the astonishing weaving and dying to fashion. That’s how the design concept came about. The beauty of some very iconic fabrics were the ideal inspiration for the ‘Couture Collection’ of Kundan Silk Carpets. The collection features different patterns: Bouclé, inspired by the iconic jackets of fashion myth Coco Chanel, Tweed, sourced from the traditional British cloths but adding new shades of colour, Tartan,...
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20 Aug

Spartito,SBID International Design Awards

The Spartito fabric has been selected as one of the qualifying products by a technical panel of judges in the first stage of the process. SoFarSoNear’s new textile design Spartito, is an addition to our Cuprum range. The distinctive Spartito pattern,in copper thread, is based on music written by Daniele Lombardi and designed for SoFarSoNear by R+S architects. As with the other designs in the Cuprum range Spartito comes from a constant search for unique and unusual materials. Spartito is a veritable copper fabric that combines the mass and shine of metal leaf with the softness of a textile. Flame retardant and highly resistant, Spartito is the ideal fabric for Hospitality. R+S architects specified Spartito fabric on acoustic...
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