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Category: Product

23 Nov

Viaggio nel Giardino Magico of A.Salvati

K nown architect and designer Alberto Salvati draws inspiration from the pictorial works of children. Through a creative process called frottage, in which the architect gives character and expressiveness to the design, he creates real artistic works. SoFarSoNear has translated two of them into precious hand-knotted rugs, that are one off pieces. The colors and shades of light are the result of a wise use of different yarns such as wool, silk and viscose. Another distinctive element is the three-dimensionality of houses and objects, an effect created by playing with different heights of the pile. Designing a rug is a process that requires particular skills and know-how, but to transform an art work into a rug keeping...
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22 Nov

Etoile,a fascinating mesh

Etoile is a unique textile made out of 95% copper wire. It is a transparent copper textile with a high consistency and metal effect, especially designed to be used in acrylic panels by Acrylic Couture. This fabric is very sheer has been developed in specific colours including blue, purple and orange. The fabric has been designed in a way to coat the yarn in different colours and ensure it does not react or change when it comes into contact with chemicals used in acrylic. The fabric is floated into heated acrylic to develop acrylic panels. The process is done by melting and softening the acrylic and floating the etoile fabric in the acrylic which is then cooled...
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29 Oct

Striped Wallpaper, the perfect Backdrop

Estel is a leading historical brand of Italian Design. In the first decade of 2000, the Group did buy the Simon Gavina brand, who above others featured designs from Carlo Scarpa and art pieces from Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp. The showroom in the Brera district was the ideal lieu to preview the collection of the amazing tables designed by Carlo Scarpa. SoFarSoNear was asked to design a striped wallpaper in different tones of grey that was the perfect backdrop for the collection. Soft cellulose wide paper, hand printed, evoking the touch and feel of rice paper was the choice of the Studio. The same paper was applied on the external walls and inside the different...
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