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31 May

Italy, Milan, Back to the 20s with Style

Giacomo Arengario, named after  the famous restaurant “da Giacomo” , has opened since a couple of years in the historic Arengario building in Milan, with a spectacular view of Piazza del Duomo.
The Arengario was built between 1936 and 1956 from a design by the architects Portaluppi, Muzio, Magistretti and Griffini, the facade is decorated with bas-reliefs by Arturo Martini. It’s an iconic building for the art and culture, home to the ‘Museo del Novecento’. The entrance is from the Museo. Do not to use the elevator, but just take the circular ramp up to the restaurant, an example of contemporary architecture that fits beautifully within the monumental architecture of the Arengario Palace and matches with a magnificent glass window overlooking the arcade.
‘Giacomo all’Arengario’, designed by Laura Sartori Rimini and Roberto Peregalli is a tribute to the “Deco” period. The designers have created “period rooms” that mark the different areas of the restaurant: a Hall with low tables, chairs and sofas; a bar made of architectural elements, in black lacquered wood or coated with mirror, reaching up towards the ceiling, remembering the metaphysical architecture of those years; a dining room, lined with gilded wood paneling and aged mirrors and a coffered ceiling. Then, a gallery open on the kitchen with red lacquered panels of the thirties and a counter where you can have a quick meal. Last, a Loggia with outdoor furniture, located over the bar overlooking Piazza del Duomo.
The aperitif is very comfortable and quiet, rich, nice and most important , you can talk with your partner in an elegant and cozy location.
The restaurant proposes the dishes of the region of Lombardy with a bit of creativity and a good combination of flavors, never exaggerating.

The sensation is to be transported out of time in an elegant and ancient atmosphere. The setting and all around you is an accomplice of this feeling. The acoustic is the element that can be appreciated right away, you can talk with the people of your table !!!!