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24 Oct

Our Story

We are interiors and product designers. This means creating a bespoke ambiance and product, taking care of the smallest detail that reflects the personality of our client and not our Ego. Each project is tailored like a dress.

Incredibly simple, extremely stylish. This is our way to design and lifestyle. Our surrounding excites our senses continuously. There’s where our inspiration comes. Driven by a constant search for new and exciting materials, ‘SoFarSoNear combines a social conscience with luxury and as such is indicative of a bold new trend in sustainable products, moving out of the niche and into the mainstream’, Mix Magazine.
Our style is a mix of tradition and innovation. The tradition comes from the tribute paid to workmanship and the fruit of nature. Innovation is the result of a creative process that works on the material, the design and the colour palette, often in a disruptive way.
We are Italians, born in Milan, living between Milan and the World.The love and empathy between us, is the engine that has shaped our life. We are food lovers, because for Italians food is not only food, travellers and passionate explorers of this world.

We have worked for big international companies from whom we have learned the method, the management skills and the technique. Over time we have acquired new knowledge in different and multidisciplinary fields to develop our way of seeing, innovating and designing.

Francesca Gasparotti graduated in Economics at Università Luigi Bocconi, Milan. She held different managing positions within multinational companies, such as Philips and Carrier UTC. Attracted by the fair trade practices and fascinated by design and decoration, in 2004 Francesca, coadivuated by Luca Ferreccio, has conceived in parallel to her managerial duties, a new business model, featuring sustainable design. This was the embryonal stage of what was to become SoFarSoNear.

Modern and contemporary Art was part of my everyday when I was a child. I was always intrigued by how powerful an art piece can be and its ability to embody human emotions.

Luca Ferreccio graduated in Visual Design at Scuola Politecnica, Milan. He held different art direction positions within leading communication agencies. Several of his design projects have been awarded internationally for best design. Since 2009, Luca is Senior Lecturer at NABA University, Milan.

In 2012 we did found SoFarSoNear to pursue an idea and our wish to start sharing our vision and experiences.