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7 Mar

Soledad Twombly,a unique Style


e met Soledad Twombly many years ago, when we were starting to explore the fascinating world of textiles. It was love at first sight; she did receive us in a beautiful flat steps from Piazza di Spagna and she did enchant us with her style and her charming Argentine accent. “I only believe in style, it does not age and is always in fashion” is her credo. This is evident looking at the dresses she tailors. Since that date, we started to design fabrics for Soledad. The inspiration was and is always different; the sensual paintings from Alessandro Twombly, Soledad’s husband and son of famous artist Cy Twombly, were our first source. Damien Hirst and his butterflies were suggested by Soledad for one of her collections, where we handprinted antique gold on glossy silks. One of the most successfull designs were inspired by the family arms of the antique Japanese families. In 2018, after a pause of few years, we designed a new collection featuring flowers and patterns reminding of fantastic planets. Early 2019 designs inspired from antique kimonos gave birth to some extraordinary pieces. Stay tuned to learn more about the new collection!

To learn more about Soledad Twombly and her one of a kind collections and lifestyle, visit:

Textiles are transformative, they turn an anonymous space into your own, says Soledad and we share her vision.