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7 Jan

Trevira CS,Design@no Compromise


ince 2013 our choice as designers was to develop and propose stylish and modern collections of flameretardant fabrics only made of Trevira yarn. The Trevira CS brand identifies the permanently flameretardant fabrics used in all interior textile applications. They create a safe, attractive and comfortable environment and not only in hotels and public places, but in homes and luxury yachts too. The Trevira CS fabrics today reflect the idea of combining aesthetics, craftsmanship and functionality in interior design.
As designers we care about people. Our Trevira CS designs features contemporary elegance and functionality never divorced from emotion. If you wish to know more about Trevira CS, visit

The good interior design cares about people and is concerned with all the decorative and stylistic elements that contribute to creating a customized environment.