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June 2016

7 Jun

Portofino,Best Scampi & Pesto ever

Portofino was originally a fishing village in the province of Genoa. The town's natural harbour supported a fleet of fishing boats, in the past. In late 19th century, British and Northern European aristocrats , started to visit Portofino and elected it as a fashionable location. In the 50s, the once fishing village became an eliterian tourist attraction and still is today. The little harbour features now just few fishing boats and more mega yachts, unfortunately. The 'piazzetta' facing the harbour is crowded with bars and restaurants, but the atmosphere is still pleasant and magic, especially if you walk in the tiny little 'caruggi' behind the 'piazzetta' or up to the castle. Me and Luca know Portofino and the nearby coast very well,...
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