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5 Oct

Bauhaus Collection on TV&Newspapers

Part of the 2020 city-wide creative women theme of the Municipality of Milan, the design section of ‘Nelle Mani Delle Donne‘ is curated by Gisella Borioli and titled ‘I Fiori della Materia’. Invited Design section participants include Francesca Gasparotti, co-founder of Italian design brand SoFarSoNear. Her Sunrise handwoven wool gabbeh rug—a type of pile rug associated with the Qashqa’i nomads of Iran—is from SoFarSoNear’s Ghashgha’i, Meet Bauhaus Collection for Zollanvari International. The exhibition did receive the appraisal of TV and newspapers. Nelle Mani delle Donne is @MyOwnGallery, Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27, Milan until 29th October 2020  

We aim to design as expression of creativity revealing the natural skills of author and executor

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24 Sep

Luxembourg,New@Media Bay

Where the treetops embrace the Kirchberg, this is where Media Bay is. A total of six buildings with modern office space, top quality commercial space and high standard housing. All the apartments feature large windows with panoramic views. A young couple of professionals has asked SoFarSoNear to design a new under construction 2 bedroom apartment, following all the necessary steps from the development to the decoration. Our usual way of working starts from the overall plan, including the electrical plan layout. The next step, which we consider crucial, is to develop the moodboards, that reflect the personality and wishes of our client and finally guide the overall style of the house. [eltd_blockquote text="Our task is to give...
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15 Sep

In Women’s Hands@Superstudio

A rt, design, architecture, international talents and emerging young people."In Women's Hands_I Fiori della Materia" is a tribute to female creativity.Curated by Gisella Borioli with Isabella Angelantoni Geiger, Vera Belikova, Mavi Ferrando, Francesca Gasparotti, Adriana Lohmann, Ilaria Marelli, Paola Navone, Elena Salmistraro. The whole exhibition focuses its attention on creatives attentive to the use of raw materials, from processing to enhancement, experimenting with new solutions to treat materials with personality and out of the ordinary. Architects/designers with original vision are Isabella Angelantoni Geiger, Vera Belikova, Mavi Ferrando, Francesca Gasparotti, Adriana Lohmann, Ilaria Marelli, Paola Navone, Elena Salmistraro. MyOwnGallery, Superstudio PiùVia Tortona 27 bis MilanSeptember 23 - October 29, 2020 (TUE - FRI 11.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m. SA - SUN...
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10 Mar

Italy, revives, always

C ommitment, Solidarity, Unity, Bravery. In this time of uncertainty and difficulties, we wish to deliver a positive message from one of the most affected countries. Italy has survived many dramatic events, thanks to the committment and courage of its people. With its history and marvellous people and places, it is considered one of the most fascinating countries of the world. Our talents cover food, design, fashion, architecture, culture and many more. Italy deserves sympathy and respect.  

This is Italy, always.

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20 Dec

Mood, Rituals

T he focus is on ourselves and our need to re-establish our ties and connections. Never before have we perceived this sense of belonging as an indirect response to climate change, the escalation of global conflict and a rise in protectionism. For this trend we have identified two moods.Rituals: the familiar comfort of rituals, both spiritual and everyday is a way to make sense of our world and reassure in difficult times. The colour palette features more subtle colours and aged materials that celebrate longevity. Source: Colourhive, Heimtextile, Li Edelkoort, Nelly Rodi. Photo credits: Colourhive, Coppi Barbieri, Lynn Karlin, Nelly Rodi, Interior Design Magazine, SoFarSoNear  [eltd_blockquote text=" Rituals, a way to make sense of our world and reassure...
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10 Dec

CDA2020, We are among the Finalists!

T he finalists in the 2020 Carpet Design Awards have been selected and SoFarSoNear 'Qashqai meet Bauhaus Collection' for Zollanvari has made it to the final round of the international competition for outstanding carpet design! The Carpet Design Awards are an international badge of distinction, given in recognition of quality and design excellence in hand-made carpets and rugs. The awards, organized in partnership with COVER and HALI magazines, help to give expression to cutting-edge innovations and emerging trends in the carpet industry. Presented annually at DOMOTEX, they will be in their 15th year in 2020. Next year's awards will be conferred in eight categories, with the winners receiving their prizes at a special ceremony held at DOMOTEX on...
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7 Dec

MUSE,iconic furniture

MUSE collection is the first furniture collection designed by Luca Ferreccio for the new Italian brand LLAB. It comes from a careful research of some iconic XX century signs in architecture and art, re-interpreted in an original and unique way. The outcome is a one-of-kind collection of modern furniture, all made of wood, featuring soft shapes framed by specially designed finishes. The clean but strong shape of each piece results from a high level of craftmanship and a serious care for each manufacturing detail. Form and function are perfectly balanced to highlight a new concept of contemporary living. Our passionate search to interpret the needs of contemporary living in a way that is original and unique, is the driving force...
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5 Dec

Qashqa’i, meet Bauhaus

G abbeh is a hand-woven pile rug characterized by an abstract design that relies upon open fields of colour and playful geometry. Gabbehs are woven by tribal women and are principally used as ‘bedding blankets’ by the nomadic tribes of the Zagros Mountains of Iran. Zollanvari is an established name as a global trail-blazer in creating carpet art and distinguishes itself by a sensitive regard for the traditional way of life of the nomads and their natural environment. The extensive use of geometrical and abstract patterns together with the vivid colours naturally dyed has analogies with the studies and learnings coming from the Bauhaus; in particular, with one of its key masters, Josef Albers. He studied in...
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2 Dec

Home Décor, East meets West

M afrash coffers are designed to be used as stools, tables and chests. The literal meaning of the word 'mafrash' is sheet or table cloth and the root of the word signifies to spread, to cover, or to furnish. The Ghashgha’i nomads, living in the Zagros Mountains of Iran, create these objects from a combination of old bags which combine kelim, soumak and knotted-pile weaving techniques to give a jewel-like multi-textured surface ideal for the three-dimensional objects in this collection. SoFarSoNear injected a light twist of modernity to this splendid collection, successfully proposed by Zollanvari International. Leather grips, handles and wool tassels are small details that have improved both shape and function, but not affecting the original...
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25 Nov

London,Belgravia Interior Boutique

Located within sight of Buckingham Palace, Mayfair and Knightsbridge, Belgravia interior boutique is the ideal place to find stylish contemporary collections for both interior and outdoor spaces. Stepping through the doors, the first thing clearly visible is the distinctive style of the Boutique. Elegant fabrics mix with artworks and furnishing. The thought-provoking and relaxing interiors of this onetime bank make this a special venue, where clients may find inspiration for the design of homes, hotels and commercial premises. For the project we did partner with stylish French brand Hamilton Conte, whose furniture and home accessories draw inspiration from their diverse cultural backgrounds and complementary talents. The atmosphere we've created is a fusion of 50s and 70s design, in a true Georgian...
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