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24 Sep

Book Editing, Pattern Design for Homes

F rancesca was asked by Design Media Publishing to edit a book on pattern design for homes. The book reveals the lively and unique charm of pattern design applied on lampshades, bedlinen, cushions, sofas and wallpapers. This is a valuable source of inspiration for everyone, who wish to learn various design forms and how to match colours and graphics. It will be a good reference on visual design also for interior designers, graphic designers and those who have the talent in this area. The book includes two designs from SoFarSoNear, applied on sofa and on lampshades.

Our surroundings excite our senses. That's where our inspiration comes and through some refinements evolves into pattern.

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3 Oct

Tailored to your Needs, Workshop@One Works

Tailored to your needs’ is the title of a workshop conceived by Belgravia interior boutique for a group of architects and interior designers. Held on 8th September at One Works, Milano, the seminar scope was to show how bespoke interior design did evolve in the last 200 years and how crucial it is for today’s society. One Works is the second biggest architectural practice in Italy with offices in Milan, London, Dubai, Doha and Singapore. Warm thanks to One Works for the opportunity.

Get in toUch with us to discover how good we are in bespoke design

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15 Jun

COVER Metal threads are a new phenomenon

METAL is the new trend in carpets and textiles. Recent collections have highlighted the phenomenon in contemporary design some even featuring larger pieces of metal incorporated into the pattern. COVER, the well known magazine specialized in design carpets and textiles, writes about a new trend that sees metal thread in the weaving process. SoFarSoNear’s Cuprum Collection of copper fabrics was selected by the magazine as a clear example of this new trend. Our company is since a couple of years known for its innovative range of metal textiles waved with real copper thread coated in various colours. The collections are suited both for indoor and outdoor applications and have been widely used by interior designers on several hospitality projects. [eltd_blockquote...
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10 Jan

Eclettico,The New Venture from L22

We dive into dreams to deliver real experiences. This is the promise from 'Eclettico Design', the new top brand devoted to Luxury Design from Lombardini22, the third biggest design practice in Italy. Luca and Francesca did join the Opening Party in Milan. Top music, top food and top people for this new top brand, that has partnered with us for delivering real experiences to their top clients. A top start indeed! If you wish to know more visit

Let's make your dreams come true.

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25 May

Venice Biennale, SFSN@Venice Design 2016

SoFarSoNear is invited to exhibit at the prestigious 'Venice Architecture Biennale 2016'. 'Venice Design 2016' is curated by the Global Art Affairs Foundations and will take place at Palazzo Michiel, on Canal Grande, from May 28th until November 27th. It is one of the first exhibitions to show current design developments during the Biennale. It brings together international set of designers of diverse cultural background, young, senior, established and emerging. The exhibition aims to demonstrate that design might have a bigger canvas than just creating beautiful functional objects. It is a chance for the spectators to see clever, unexpected solutions for the use of space and also to create a more conscious relation towards the daily surrounding and help to enlarge...
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