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Category: Trevira CS Interiors

10 Jan

ConceptTrevira CS Bauhaus Lounge

P aying tribute to this year’s 100 anniversary of Bauhaus, SoFarSoNear has developed a concept for multinational company Trevira, focusing on Trevira CS flameretardant textiles. Back in 1919, Walter Gropius founded a new art school in Weimar, Germany. What he created was revolutionary at the time – he combined art and craftsmanship, a concept which was until then unheard of. Creativity and manufacturing was united, art and industrial design was brought together in the mid-1920s and eventually this all led to the development of modern art, influencing architects, designers and artist in Europe and in the United States of America alike. The Trevira CS qualities on display in the Trevira CS Bauhaus Lounge demonstrate nicely the variety of...
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25 Nov

Safety&Styleat home

T he expressive power of a living room featuring a beautifully dressed sofa or the stylish elegance of a bedroom decorated with silky drapes. Decoration turns an anymous room into one rich of personality. Interior design is all about decoration, tailored to the needs and requirements of the people living the space. SoFarSoNear is proud to show how Trevira CS fabrics fits in contemporary homes, respecting the general mood and enhancing the interiors.

It is all about caring. The Trevira CS fabrics we've designed fit aesthetically and functionally in contemporary homes.

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15 Mar

Moevenpick,5* Hotel du Lac, Tunis

Luxury 5-star hotel experience on the banks of Lake Tunis. Located in the beautiful Berges du Lac business and diplomatic district, five-star Mövenpick Hotel du Lac features contemporary and spacious rooms and suites stylish decorated with SoFarSoNear's unique Trevira CS fabrics. All drapes and upholsteries were specially designed by Carla and Roberto Saporiti of Italian SHD Studio. Inspired by the calligraphies of the people who ruled Tunis in the past and present, The Imperial Collection of textiles was weaved in Italy by SoFarSoNear using only 100% Trevira CS yarns. For the suites, the designers chose for the upholsteries The Aisha Collection in cinnamon and for the drapes the elegant Rugiada in bronze, designed by SoFarSoNear. [eltd_blockquote text="Be inspired for your...
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