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Category: Rituals

20 Dec

Mood, Rituals

T he focus is on ourselves and our need to re-establish our ties and connections. Never before have we perceived this sense of belonging as an indirect response to climate change, the escalation of global conflict and a rise in protectionism. For this trend we have identified two moods.Rituals: the familiar comfort of rituals, both spiritual and everyday is a way to make sense of our world and reassure in difficult times. The colour palette features more subtle colours and aged materials that celebrate longevity. Source: Colourhive, Heimtextile, Li Edelkoort, Nelly Rodi. Photo credits: Colourhive, Coppi Barbieri, Lynn Karlin, Nelly Rodi, Interior Design Magazine, SoFarSoNear  [eltd_blockquote text=" Rituals, a way to make sense of our world and reassure...
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