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Category: Product

6 Oct

PoppySS23 Fashion Collection

Specially designed for fashion couturier Soledad Twombly, the SS23 collection of fabrics is an ode to life and nature. Vibrant colours, such as deep blue and magenta, liven up poppy flowers in a 70s mood. The accurate print on precious silk satin is an expression of the skills mastered by Italian artisans of the Como district. The pairing of craftsmanship and creativity represents the foundation of Made in Italy, and is the distinctive element that defines its territory.

Made in Italy is a combination of entrepreneurship and cutural heritage

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30 May

R/Evolution,TriD Tricot

As partner of TREVIRA, the Studio has conceived a 3D textile surface weaved with a Trevira CS fibre combined with a low melt yarn. The density of the tri-dimensional pattern can be modulated according to the project needs.This new textile surface and concept is ideal for both residential and office applications and responds adequately to following concerns:_sound-absorption_aesthetics_complying to flame retardant requirements_easy installation even in existing layouts  

As designers we care about people.The Trevira CS brand identifies the permanently flame-retardant fabrics for a safe, attractive and comfortable environment.

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1 Mar

Leoni Guardiani,75 Years Jubilee

Iranian Switzerland-based firm Zollanvari celebrates a jubilee anniversary in 2022; this year marks 75 years of rug excellence and innovation for the well-respected brand. The company is a market leader, always pushing design and production boundaries to stay ahead of the rug crowd, a concept clearly demonstrated by the mighty Lion collection. SoFarSoNear Studio has a long lasting collaboration with Zollanvari for whom the Studio has designed various award winning collections. The Lion is part of the company's heritage, chosen for the 75th Anniversary. With the aim to communicate and further strengthen Zollanvari's image, SoFarSoNear has created a baroque inspired design but featuring a contemporary color palette.  [eltd_blockquote text="We have never shied away from trying something new, pushing the...
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5 Nov

Color&Patterns,Latest Fashion Design

F rom the influence of nature inspired patterns, whether borrowed from the animal or floral worlds, these new designs and silks are specially developed for Atelier Soledad Twombly. Dressing with color instantly adds character to your style. The fashion of Sole narrates the story of beauty and elegance in the natural world. The Atelier, as usual, has the ability to tailor a chic fashion rich in details; a style that fits all times and figures. Chapeau!  

We aim to design as expression of creativity revealing the natural skills of author and executor

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7 Dec

MUSE,iconic furniture

MUSE collection is the first furniture collection designed by Luca Ferreccio for the new Italian brand LLAB. It comes from a careful research of some iconic XX century signs in architecture and art, re-interpreted in an original and unique way. The outcome is a one-of-kind collection of modern furniture, all made of wood, featuring soft shapes framed by specially designed finishes. The clean but strong shape of each piece results from a high level of craftmanship and a serious care for each manufacturing detail. Form and function are perfectly balanced to highlight a new concept of contemporary living. Our passionate search to interpret the needs of contemporary living in a way that is original and unique, is the driving force...
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2 Dec

Home Décor, East meets West

M afrash coffers are designed to be used as stools, tables and chests. The literal meaning of the word 'mafrash' is sheet or table cloth and the root of the word signifies to spread, to cover, or to furnish. The Ghashgha’i nomads, living in the Zagros Mountains of Iran, create these objects from a combination of old bags which combine kelim, soumak and knotted-pile weaving techniques to give a jewel-like multi-textured surface ideal for the three-dimensional objects in this collection. SoFarSoNear injected a light twist of modernity to this splendid collection, successfully proposed by Zollanvari International. Leather grips, handles and wool tassels are small details that have improved both shape and function, but not affecting the original...
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13 Sep

IRSAP,Radiator or Furnishing?

R ecently, the Studio, as part of a contest, did develop three new product concepts for IRSAP, leading manufacturer of radiators. IRSAP was looking for a new family of electric radiators, consisting of a radiator for the bathroom and one for the living area, with a special focus on design, aesthetics and possibly additional functionalities.The concepts proposed by SoFarSoNear are all aimed to solve the functional aspects, but providing to the design a formal dignity. A good design focuses on both the functional requirements and the aesthetic appeal. The basic feature of heating is combined to extra benefits. OHM features an extremely clean and elegant structure. The radiator is self-standing (except in the wall version) with a square base...
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7 Mar

La Carmen Toile,Classic unconventional

T he expressive power of Saba Italia LaCarmen’s unconventional look is evident from its unusual “collar” which can also be positioned vertically by means of innovative, self-supporting material. The concept underlying the design is that of a dual-purpose chair. With its collar up it is a snug, enveloping nest; with the collar down it has an informal look ideal for convivial settings. For its debut, SoFarSoNear did design a special dress inspired by the classic Toile de Jouy in a more modern outlook. The Studio did conceive three artworks for the different parts of the armchair, to be manually printed on a luscious cotton satin. A special version printed on a woolen and silk fabric was designed for...
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10 Jan

Johnny Depp,for Maurizio Galimberti

J ohnny Depp is one of the most famous and versatile actors of our time. Maurizio Galimberti is an Italian photographer known for his Polaroid Mosaics. For the popularity and success of his unusual representations of faces and landscapes, he has participated as a portraitist in numerous editions of the Venice Film Festival. In 2003 his portrait of Johnny Depp ended up being the cover of the English Times Magazine, in September of the same year. SoFarSoNear is proud to have the opportunity to translate the famous portrait in a limited edition rug, signed and certified by the author. Each carpet is hand-knotted with wool and viscose by skilfull artisans in Nepal using techniques passed on from generation...
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25 Nov

Cuprum,Precious & Exclusive

C uprum is a contemporary and inspiring collection of textiles especially suited for the luxury and hospitality industries. Cuprum has been created as a result of our constant search for unique and unusual materials. An eye-catching copper fabric it combines the sheen of metal leaf with the softness of an exquisite woven textile. The uniqueness of the Cuprum collection is the result of innovative production methods and weaving techniques developed by SoFarSoNear Studio. Fabric colour palettes options include gold, copper, titanium, black, rose and salmon. Cuprum is flame retardant and highly resistant, thus making it an ideal fabric for use in commercial or hospitality environments.SoFarSoNear is also expanding its copper collection in collaboration with leading Italian architects...
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