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2 Dec

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afrash coffers are designed to be used as stools, tables and chests. The literal meaning of the word ‘mafrash’ is sheet or table cloth and the root of the word signifies to spread, to cover, or to furnish. The Ghashgha’i nomads, living in the Zagros Mountains of Iran, create these objects from a combination of old bags which combine kelim, soumak and knotted-pile weaving techniques to give a jewel-like multi-textured surface ideal for the three-dimensional objects in this collection.

SoFarSoNear injected a light twist of modernity to this splendid collection, successfully proposed by Zollanvari International. Leather grips, handles and wool tassels are small details that have improved both shape and function, but not affecting the original design and nature of the collection.

We aim to design as expression of creativity revealing the natural skills of author and executor