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Category: Flavour

23 Aug

Italy, Venice,Best Venetian Dishes

Venice, a place that is unique in the world. And not only because of its palaces on the Canal Grande or because of the Gondolas that invite you to a romantic trip in the Laguna. Venice and the sea around is also place to the most extraordinaries quality of fishes and crustaces. Exquisite dishes wait us every time we visit this fascinating city. Flavours that accompany our journey. Memories we bring home and that delight our palate. Even now that I'm writing about our recent culinary experience. But, not every place in Venice offers the food I'm writing about. There is an historical restaurant, hidden in a 'calle', a small street in local language, just few steps from Rialto...
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23 Jun

Great Britain, Rarebit from Wales & Wine

Ihave tasted Welsh Rarebit recently in London, at The Wine Bar@Fortnum&Mason. It is one of those traditional dishes that all Brits know, that rarely you may find on a restaurant menu. Easy to cook, it is simply delicious with a glass of wine. The ingredients needed are grated Cheddar cheese - butter - Worcester sauce - dry mustard - 2 spoons of flour - pepper and beer - toasted bread. As you may read, this dish is suited for all those that love strong flavours and are not on a diet! How do you cook Rarebit? Just put cheese, butter, Worcester sauce, mustard, flour and pepper in a saucepan. Once well mixed, add the beer to moisten, but watch out that...
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7 Jun

Portofino,Best Scampi & Pesto ever

Portofino was originally a fishing village in the province of Genoa. The town's natural harbour supported a fleet of fishing boats, in the past. In late 19th century, British and Northern European aristocrats , started to visit Portofino and elected it as a fashionable location. In the 50s, the once fishing village became an eliterian tourist attraction and still is today. The little harbour features now just few fishing boats and more mega yachts, unfortunately. The 'piazzetta' facing the harbour is crowded with bars and restaurants, but the atmosphere is still pleasant and magic, especially if you walk in the tiny little 'caruggi' behind the 'piazzetta' or up to the castle. Me and Luca know Portofino and the nearby coast very well,...
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31 May

Italy, Milan, Back to the 20s with Style

Giacomo Arengario, named after  the famous restaurant "da Giacomo" , has opened since a couple of years in the historic Arengario building in Milan, with a spectacular view of Piazza del Duomo. The Arengario was built between 1936 and 1956 from a design by the architects Portaluppi, Muzio, Magistretti and Griffini, the facade is decorated with bas-reliefs by Arturo Martini. It’s an iconic building for the art and culture, home to the ‘Museo del Novecento’. The entrance is from the Museo. Do not to use the elevator, but just take the circular ramp up to the restaurant, an example of contemporary architecture that fits beautifully within the monumental architecture of the Arengario Palace and matches with a magnificent glass...
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30 May

Italy, Asolo Prosecco & Grappa

Srosecco  is my favourite wine. Sparkling, chilly, with its unique aroma, it matches all kind of food and all seasons. It is good for an aperitif or to accompany a whole meal. Veneto is the territory, where Prosecco is grown, more specifically in a small area called Valdobbiadene. Asolo is not far from this area and produces the variety Prosecco di Asolo. A bit less sparkling, but always memorable. You may taste it everywhere; in the ‘enoteca’ or the ‘restaurants’, accompanied by home-made cicchetti (nibbles). And after lunch, we did indulge in these home-made grappa. Flavours ranges from ginger to liquorice, from blueberries to star aniseed. Simply delicious. [eltd_blockquote text="Grappa is a typical liquor from Veneto. It is made...
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26 May

Bali, Ubud Rijstafel

Ubud is known as the district of art and spirit. In Ubud there are plenty of stylish places to relax and taste the local food. These two did appeal my senses. Café Wayan. It is on the main street. Do not stop at the entrance but walk in and you will discover a lovely garden with little ponds where you can taste the Indonesian flavours sitting on bamboo matts. I suggest to choose the Rijstafel. It consists of many side dishes served in small portions, accompanied by rice prepared in several different ways. The Rijsttafel’s origins is Dutch and dates back when The Netherlands were present in Indonesia. In this way, the Dutch could enjoy a wide array of...
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