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25 Nov

Cuprum,Precious & Exclusive


uprum is a contemporary and inspiring collection of textiles especially suited for the luxury and hospitality industries. Cuprum has been created as a result of our constant search for unique and unusual materials. An eye-catching copper fabric it combines the sheen of metal leaf with the softness of an exquisite woven textile. The uniqueness of the Cuprum collection is the result of innovative production methods and weaving techniques developed by SoFarSoNear Studio. Fabric colour palettes options include gold, copper, titanium, black, rose and salmon. Cuprum is flame retardant and highly resistant, thus making it an ideal fabric for use in commercial or hospitality environments.
SoFarSoNear is also expanding its copper collection in collaboration with leading Italian architects and designers. One exceptional design is ‘Marilyn’ which was created by Marco Piva and combines precious elements alongside the copper yarn. 
Another designer collaboration successfully utilises Silver, Gold and Platinum within the palette known as ‘Etruschi’. Designed by Yacht Designer Luca Dini Etruschi copper yarns are woven with wool into precious fabrics for prestigious interiors.
Spartito‘ is another glamorous and exclusive addition to the Cuprum range. The distinctive pattern in copper thread, is based on music scores written by Daniele Lombardi and designed by architects Igor Rebosio and Federico Spagnulo.

Driven by a constant search for new and exciting materials, SoFarSoNear has designed a wide range of exclusive and industry accredited fabrics for residential and hospitality interiors.