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25 Nov

Milan,Urban Chic Loft

A loft is a space originally built for industrial use that was later converted into living space. Lofts are characterized by wide-open rooms, high ceilings supported by thick columns and large windows. A loft is like a blank canvas and it can be a challenge to convert it into an apartment. Empty spaces with no amenities like a kitchen or a bedroom. This space is part of a large compound isolated from the street with beautiful greenery all around. Our goal was to keep the original architecture made of iron and concrete, but develop a living space cosy and chic. The clients did also request to have a studio at ground floor level, divided from the private area not through partition walls or doors. Lots of rugs, cushions and fabrics helped to create a stylish and cosy setting.

Lofts are innately cool and chic. With its unusually flexible layout and architectural perks, this loft is both classic and laid-back.