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7 Mar

La Carmen Toile,Classic unconventional


he expressive power of Saba Italia LaCarmen’s unconventional look is evident from its unusual “collar” which can also be positioned vertically by means of innovative, self-supporting material. The concept underlying the design is that of a dual-purpose chair. With its collar up it is a snug, enveloping nest; with the collar down it has an informal look ideal for convivial settings. For its debut, SoFarSoNear did design a special dress inspired by the classic Toile de Jouy in a more modern outlook. The Studio did conceive three artworks for the different parts of the armchair, to be manually printed on a luscious cotton satin. A special version printed on a woolen and silk fabric was designed for Kelly Hoppen, London.

SoFarSoNear did also develop, only as layout,  the design for rugs to complement.

We aim to design as expression of creativity revealing the natural skills of author and executor