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10 Jan

ConceptTrevira CS Bauhaus Lounge


aying tribute to this year’s 100 anniversary of Bauhaus, SoFarSoNear has developed a concept for multinational company Trevira, focusing on Trevira CS flameretardant textiles. Back in 1919, Walter Gropius founded a new art school in Weimar, Germany. What he created was revolutionary at the time – he combined art and craftsmanship, a concept which was until then unheard of. Creativity and manufacturing was united, art and industrial design was brought together in the mid-1920s and eventually this all led to the development of modern art, influencing architects, designers and artist in Europe and in the United States of America alike.

The Trevira CS qualities on display in the Trevira CS Bauhaus Lounge demonstrate nicely the variety of today’s Trevira CS collections reflecting the Bauhaus idea of combining aesthetics, craftsmanship and functionality.” Addressing all five senses, the lounge pays full homage to Bauhaus by look, feel and taste as even Bauhaus inspired drinks and snacks would be available.

The good interior design is concerned with all the decorative and stylistic elements that contribute to creating a customized environment. With this in mind, we have conceived the Trevira CS Lounge as a modern interpretation of Bauhaus, featuring a colour palette that forecasts the trends of 2019/20.