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25 Oct

Glitch shortlisted for ADA 2023

Excited to be among the shortlisted for the ADA 2023 (Archiproducts Design Awards!

The inspiration for this design emanated from triple-medallion Ghashgha’i Gabbehs.‎ Here, the three-medallion and simple all-round border design have been ‘glitched’.‎ The colours are traditional Gabbeh colours accentuated with a contemporary on-trend touch.‎ The upshot is a Gabbeh for the 21st century, that has the mystical aura of traditional gabbehs and exudes light.‎

The term “glitch” itself originates with engineers and astronauts to explain faults within the technology they were working with.‎ But the visual aesthetic can be traced much further back, to the beginning of the 20th century through distorted forms in cubist paintings, abstract short films and pixel-like rug designs akin to 8-bit video game landscapes.‎ In fact, many antique rugs feature abstract, distorted patterns that seem to predict the glitch movement of later centuries.‎

We aim to design blending contemporaneity into ancient tradition