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6 Sep

VIA BOX,A tool for Visually Impaired

A s of 2015 there were 940 million people with some degree of vision loss. 246 million had low vision and 39 million were blind. Visually impaired people surpass by far blind people, but our society is still not equipped to assist them, especially in the field of public transportation.Vision impairement is a decreased ability to see to a degree that causes problems not fixable by usual means, such as glasses. It may cause people difficulties with normal daily activities such as driving, reading, socializing, and walking. [eltd_blockquote text="A visually impaired needs to enlarge what is observed to be able to perceive it visually. Sees reality as through a colander; as in a misty landscape; in black and...
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24 Aug

Welcome to, Nature’s Magic Garden

W e at SoFarSoNear strongly believe in decoration.Our sense of creativity is a mix of tradition and innovation, the result of a creative process that works on the material, the design and the colour palette.Jardin Japonais and Paysage Fiabesque are two patterns that evoke the realm of fantasy. The design started from a collage of black and white photos of natural art forms. The wealth of beauty in nature, the architectural structure of plants and their ornamentally shapes, inspired the design of these patterns. Jardin Japonais features flowers of different sizes linked by ribbons in black&white or mauve with silver glitters. Paysage Fiabesque is made up of coronilla flowers and small trees in magenta&silver or chocolate&gold. Both patterns...
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20 Jun

Park Mont Avic,Exhibition Concept

To elebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Natural Park of Mont Avic, the Region Val d'Aosta has called a contest to conceive an exhibition at Forte di Bard. SoFarSoNear's concept did achieve a 2nd place, with a very high score. Our goal was to develop a display concept easy to install, flexible and complying to the budget assigned, but attractive and involving. The Gallery at the entrance shows the artworks of reknowned photographers in a museum like installation; the fabric used for the drapes is 'drap' a typical textile from Val d'Aosta. The flow of the exhibition is split into two main areas: on the left, the focus is on the history of the Park, on the...
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27 May

Bauhaus, 100year Anniversary Collection

P aying tribute to this year’s 100 anniversary of Bauhaus, SoFarSoNear has designed a new collection of Trevira CS flameretardant fabrics. Suited for drapes, the collection features two patterns, reflecting the main idea of combining aesthetic with simple geometries. 'Vienna' is inspired by the pattern of Thonet chairs, so popular at the time. 'Dots' plays with the different size of small squares and their optical effect. The colour palette ranges from neutrals to trendy shades, like Coral, elected colour of the year. The production technique uses Scottish Madras looms. Innovation and tradition, in order to preserve the past with an eye to the future. [eltd_blockquote text="Aesthetic and craftmanship. Safety and comfort. Bauhaus is still at the...
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8 Mar

Milan,Apartment in Brera

Living "in Brera", as they say in Milan, is a real privilege. The area is one of the richest in history and beautiful architecture of the past, but also of premises in front of which in the evening there is a young crowd that celebrates the ritual of meeting again. Therefore, our project goal was not only to create the right interior, but also to protect the privacy of the owners from possible noise outside. The apartment has a surface of 150 square meter and is located on the sixth floor of a modern building. The owners, a couple of professionals, love to collect ojects and art during their travels. Entrance, large living room, kitchen, master bedroom, guest room...
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7 Mar

Soledad Twombly,a unique Style

W e met Soledad Twombly many years ago, when we were starting to explore the fascinating world of textiles. It was love at first sight; she did receive us in a beautiful flat steps from Piazza di Spagna and she did enchant us with her style and her charming Argentine accent. "I only believe in style, it does not age and is always in fashion" is her credo. This is evident looking at the dresses she tailors. Since that date, we started to design fabrics for Soledad. The inspiration was and is always different; the sensual paintings from Alessandro Twombly, Soledad's husband and son of famous artist Cy Twombly, were our first source. Damien Hirst and his...
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