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11 Jan

Azucena,Brand Repositioning

Named after the gypsy in the Italian opera Il Trovatore, Azucena was founded in 1947 by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Ignazio Gardella and Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua. The three architects, all based in Milan, created the brand to bring together a number of collections to furnish buildings they had designed. Azucena has always been held in the highest esteem as an Italian brand, combining formal elegance, understated luxury and an aesthetical purity in its collections, all manufactured to the highest standard. Azucena was recently acquired by B&B Italia with the aim to preserve it's rich Italian heritage. SoFarSoNear Studio did meet the family owning the brand few years ago. Since the start, the relationship was one of complicity and...
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10 Jan

Johnny Depp,for Maurizio Galimberti

J ohnny Depp is one of the most famous and versatile actors of our time. Maurizio Galimberti is an Italian photographer known for his Polaroid Mosaics. For the popularity and success of his unusual representations of faces and landscapes, he has participated as a portraitist in numerous editions of the Venice Film Festival. In 2003 his portrait of Johnny Depp ended up being the cover of the English Times Magazine, in September of the same year. SoFarSoNear is proud to have the opportunity to translate the famous portrait in a limited edition rug, signed and certified by the author. Each carpet is hand-knotted with wool and viscose by skilfull artisans in Nepal using techniques passed on from generation...
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7 Jan

Trevira CS,Design@no Compromise

S ince 2013 our choice as designers was to develop and propose stylish and modern collections of flameretardant fabrics only made of Trevira yarn. The Trevira CS brand identifies the permanently flameretardant fabrics used in all interior textile applications. They create a safe, attractive and comfortable environment and not only in hotels and public places, but in homes and luxury yachts too. The Trevira CS fabrics today reflect the idea of combining aesthetics, craftsmanship and functionality in interior design. As designers we care about people. Our Trevira CS designs features contemporary elegance and functionality never divorced from emotion. If you wish to know more about Trevira CS, visit [eltd_blockquote text="The good interior design cares about people and is...
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29 Nov


In a world marked by demographic and technological transformations, this trend channels a desire for a noiseless, empty neutral space.  There‘s an increasing need for individuality, safety and a sense of well-being. The house becomes a nest, that isolates and protect us. The colours are soft and subtle with nuances that reminds us of haze and dusk.  Maroon and a saturated pink give warmth to a rather cool palette. Material and finishes are translucid, opaque, diaphanous, providing a calm and relaxed environment.

Solitude and silence are the ultimate luxury.

Source: Mix Magazine, Trends in Contract by Trevira CS. Photos: Mix Magazine, Interior Design, SoFarSoNear...
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28 Nov


In a world that feels ever more threatening, a little diversion and distraction is attractive indeed. Movement, improvisation, surprise. This trend is expressed creatively in experimental approaches to materials, colours, products and styles. In terms of design, it is joyful and informal, sometimes extravagant.  The colour palette features vibrant yellow, fuchsia and emerald green combined with faded black and sand to give a dramatic effect. Materials and finishes are visually exciting. No more soft and subtle, but glossy and iridiscent. The house is exuberant, hedonistic and reflects the importance of living in the moment.

The message delivered by the exuberant mood is: Visual impact is all.

Source: Mix Magazine, Trends in Contract by Trevira CS. Photos: Mix...
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27 Nov


In a world marked by pollution, environmental disasters and where the ecosystem is in danger due to our irresponsible behaviour, this trend reflects a desire to protect and preserve the environment for the greater good.  The house is sustainable, eco and balanced; mindful and modest. In this context it‘s not only innovative approaches to recycling that play a role, but also a hand-made artisanal look, which expresses a respect for traditional craftsmanship and manufacture. The colours are soft and warm. Natural colours inspired by earth and greenery,  harmonising with anthracite, sky blue and a lighteer accent of rose.  Material and finishes comes from nature, like wood, raw and natural. Textiles are characterized by surfaces of vital and natural...
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