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July 2016

1 Jul

Italy, Walking on the Floating Piers by Christo

Christo and Jeanne-Claude, his partner who did pass away in 2009, have created some of the most audacious and breathtaking installations in the last 50 years. They cover bridges, monuments and even islands with bright colored fabric. All their works are temporary and usable by the public.   The Floating Piers is their latest work. It was conceived in 1970, but only 44 years later Christo found in Northern Italian Lake Iseo the inspiring spot for realising it. Lake Iseo is being reimagined with these floating docks covered with a shimmering yellow fabric, just above the surface of water. Visitors are given the opportunity to experience walking on water, surrounded by the marvellous scenario of the lake. The piers connect Sulzano...
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