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1 Jul

Italy, Walking on the Floating Piers by Christo

Christo and Jeanne-Claude, his partner who did pass away in 2009, have created some of the most audacious and breathtaking installations in the last 50 years. They cover bridges, monuments and even islands with bright colored fabric. All their works are temporary and usable by the public.  

The Floating Piers is their latest work. It was conceived in 1970, but only 44 years later Christo found in Northern Italian Lake Iseo the inspiring spot for realising it. Lake Iseo is being reimagined with these floating docks covered with a shimmering yellow fabric, just above the surface of water. Visitors are given the opportunity to experience walking on water, surrounded by the marvellous scenario of the lake. The piers connect Sulzano to Monte Isola and further to the island of San Paolo, framed by the piers. The installation is officially accessible since 18th June and will last only till Sunday 3rd July. It was so well recieved, that in one week time more than 1 million people stepped onto the Floating Piers! And to do so, all have accepted to experience a true odissey. We are among the lucky ones, who did have the chance to walk on the lake and feel the water under our feet.

It all happened on Thursday 30th. Me and Luca left Milan in the morning by motorbike. It was the only transport that could allow us to reach the small village of Sulzano on the lake. Cars are not allowed kilometers far from Sulzano. Trains are not guaranteed, so do shuttles from remote locations. Boat is for residents only. But once we reached the neighbourhood, it was quite hard to get to the remote parking reserved to motorbikes. We had to drive up to Valcamonica and finally find the access road to the parking. From there, it takes a couple of km walk to Sulzano; downhill from the parking and uphill from Sulzano. I underline uphill from Sulzano and you will understand why in a few moments.

Once we reached Sulzano, crowds of people were queuing patiently under the sun to access the Floating Piers. As it was lunch time, we did choose to go in search of a typical restaurant first. ‘Il Cacciatore’ has a panoramic view of the lake and obviously of Christo’s work. Once refreshed, me and Luca were ready to head out for the crowd. At 15h finally we took off our shoes and proudly walked on the pier connecting Sulzano to Monte Isola. The sun was very hot, even under our feet. Happy of our experience, we were heading back when we saw a boat sailing along the pier. Christo,  the artist himself was there! The adventure did reach its peak. Our last strain was the climb back to the motorbike, assisted by water and energy drinks.
[eltd_blockquote text=”The Floating Piers is Christo and Jeanne-Claude latest work. We are among the lucky ones, who did have the chance to walk on the lake and feel the water under our feet.” show_icon=”no”