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27 Nov


In a world marked by pollution, environmental disasters and where the ecosystem is in danger due to our irresponsible behaviour, this trend reflects a desire to protect and preserve the environment for the greater good.  The house is sustainable, eco and balanced; mindful and modest. In this context it‘s not only innovative approaches to recycling that play a role, but also a hand-made artisanal look, which expresses a respect for traditional craftsmanship and manufacture. The colours are soft and warm. Natural colours inspired by earth and greenery,  harmonising with anthracite, sky blue and a lighteer accent of rose.  Material and finishes comes from nature, like wood, raw and natural. Textiles are characterized by surfaces of vital and natural appearence, like wool.

Mindful means careful, attentive, authentic. Protection of the environment starts at home.

Source: Mix Magazine, Trends in Contract by Trevira CS. Photos: Mix Magazine, Interior Design, SoFarSoNear