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21 Jun

Krabi, Rayavadee & The Bay of the Princess

Phra Nang means ‘Bay of the Princess’ and Rayavadee ‘Land of the Princess’, respectively name of the peninsula of Krabi and of the resort we visited few years ago. The names come from a Thai legend about two princesses that did sank with a ship during a storm at the Phra Nang Peninsula. Their spirits came to reside in the cave right on one of the three beaches where the Rayavadee resort lies.

It took us 24 tiring hours, two planes, one bus and one boat to get there, but I did never find such a spectacular sea resort anywhere in my life. I don’t refer to the Rayavadee Resort, that is luxurious and terrific, and still is, but to the sea views made of crystal waters, white sandy beaches and amazingly shaped limestone rocks emerging from the waters. In 20+ years of wandering, I did travel to some of the most beautiful sea resorts and coral reefs, but Phra Nang is a unique experience.

It did all start in a winter of some years ago. Me and Francesca wanted to visit Thailand and relax a week or so. Surfing the web, we did discover about Krabi and the Rayavadee Resort, formerly Dusit Rayavadee Resort. No doubt; this was our place. The only way to reach it was to take a plane to Bangkok, from there to Phuket and from Phuket a bus to Krabi (today I’ve heard there is an airport in Krabi). Once in Krabi, the resort could be reached only by boat and when the tide did allow it. So, after 24hrs of travel, finally we did reach our destination. I don’t know if it was because I was exhausted or because of the enchanted scenario, but I felt confused and fuzzy. The next morning, after a long sleep in our Garden Pavillion, we were ready to learn about our location.

Rayavadee has three beaches, one is where the boat from Krabi lands, one is Pranang Beach, famous for the cave of the legendary princess and a third one allows you to swim to another lovely and lonely spot. During the day, Pranang Beach is visited by many tourists, that are not allowed into the Resort. At sunset the guests of the Resort are the only inhabitants, if we exclude the local fauna, like the curious monkeys that steal flip-flops, sunglasses and croissants.

This is the time to enjoy the tasteful Thai food and walk hand-in-hand barefoot on the soft beach. The taste of coconut and fish. The scent of the sea breeze. The sound of the sea. It all makes you feel good.