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19 Sep



heap&Chic is a mood. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean poor. Chic is not necessarily expensive. The best way to express it was to create a high design collection of fabrics, especially suited for the Hospitality, at a small price.
Conceived and weaved in Italy, using only flame retardant yarns from Trevira, the collection is an insight on the design iconography of four different continents. That’s where the name comes, Globetrotter. Four designs for a total of nineteen fabrics, featuring a palette of natural colors with a hint of more audacious shades, like acid green, Ferrari red and luscious purple.
Our voyage pays homage to Italy with ‘Rinascimento’, a modern damask. The following stop-over is Japan, where the antique families used a ‘Kamon’, an emblem to identify themselves. Finally, we move to Oceania and find inspiration in the tattoos of the Natives, like the ‘Moko’. Our last stage is America, where we pay a tribute to the ‘Navajos’.
A world tour that is not exhaustive, but aims to value our cultures and our skills.

Rinascimento did win the 2016 Trevira Creativity Competition at Heimtextil.

We are incessantly dedicated to researching excellence at every level and Cheap&Chic witnesses this commitment