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3 Mar

Bali, Bridges Stylish and rich in flavours

Since more than three years we spend every summer in Bali. Bali is called the island of gods. It’s a peaceful island with lots to do and to taste. My mum lives in Ubud, known as the district of art and spirit. The only place we’ve visited where you feel the island.

Personally, during my first visit I would have expected just beautiful landscapes and quiet villages. I found instead lots of cars and bikes, that roar through the villages. But what did struck my senses are the stylish restaurants, cafés and shops that could easily compete with those we are used to visit in the fashion districts of European and American cities.

Bridges is a triumph of senses. Don’t miss it. The restaurant is perched over the jungle. The atmosphere is all style and elegance. The food is delicious and varies from traditional Indonesian to Western cuisine.

Personally, I’ve tasted traditional Indonesian and flavours were simply wonderful. It is the ideal spot for a romantic dinner or just to sip your favourite cocktail. By the way, cocktails in Bali are delicious everywhere.