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18 Dec

Midas, Pure Gold, Pure Wool


ulana is a new luxury brand for natural wool textiles that are coloured with particles of pure gold. This new innovation presented by Wools of New Zealand takes an ancient chemistry and creates colour without the use of dyes.  Aulana uses fine particles of pure gold to shift light into delicate shades of grey, pink and purple.  It’s the same science that turns gold into red in the stained glass windows of gothic cathedrals, now being used to create colour for wool textiles. 

To launch Aulana, Wools of New Zealand have asked SoFarSoNear to design something exclusive, the Midas Rug.  SoFarSoNear designed the three-piece rug which uses wool grown in New Zealand. The Midas rug has been created to illustrate luxury and opulence.  The rug does not glitter with gold, it uses gold to interrupt light and create elegant soft hues.

The Midas rug has been specially designed for Wools of New Zealand by SoFarSoNear to illustrate the potential of Aulana for luxury interiors.