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20 Jun

Park Mont Avic,Exhibition Concept

To elebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Natural Park of Mont Avic, the Region Val d’Aosta has called a contest to conceive an exhibition at Forte di Bard. SoFarSoNear’s concept did achieve a 2nd place, with a very high score.

Our goal was to develop a display concept easy to install, flexible and complying to the budget assigned, but attractive and involving. The Gallery at the entrance shows the artworks of reknowned photographers in a museum like installation; the fabric used for the drapes is ‘drap’ a typical textile from Val d’Aosta. The flow of the exhibition is split into two main areas: on the left, the focus is on the history of the Park, on the right, the visitor will experience the beauty of the landscape, fauna and flora. The display of the photos is unusual, making use of big panels placed in the middle of the space, 3D and visual effects. The visitor is therefore involved in a virtual visit to the Park.

Our display concept aims to involve the visitor in an immersive experience