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24 Aug

Welcome to, Nature’s Magic Garden


e at SoFarSoNear strongly believe in decoration.
Our sense of creativity is a mix of tradition and innovation, the result of a creative process that works on the material, the design and the colour palette.
Jardin Japonais and Paysage Fiabesque are two patterns that evoke the realm of fantasy. The design started from a collage of black and white photos of natural art forms. The wealth of beauty in nature, the architectural structure of plants and their ornamentally shapes, inspired the design of these patterns. Jardin Japonais features flowers of different sizes linked by ribbons in black&white or mauve with silver glitters. Paysage Fiabesque is made up of coronilla flowers and small trees in magenta&silver or chocolate&gold. Both patterns were hand-printed on luscious fabrics.

Nature's magic garden inspired these patterns stepping our from the realm of fantasy