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23 Nov

Viaggio nel Giardino Magico of A.Salvati


nown architect and designer Alberto Salvati draws inspiration from the pictorial works of children. Through a creative process called frottage, in which the architect gives character and expressiveness to the design, he creates real artistic works. SoFarSoNear has translated two of them into precious hand-knotted rugs, that are one off pieces. The colors and shades of light are the result of a wise use of different yarns such as wool, silk and viscose. Another distinctive element is the three-dimensionality of houses and objects, an effect created by playing with different heights of the pile. Designing a rug is a process that requires particular skills and know-how, but to transform an art work into a rug keeping its artistic values is the result of years of experience in the field of visual design and weaving.

Viaggio nel Giardino Magico was the theme of an amazing exhibition in Milan at Caselli di Porta Venezia, historical location.